A new carriage being assembled.

At Robert Carriages we build our vehicles out of raw materials from beginning to end.

The carriages are designed on site and we draw up the plans for modified and custom made vehicles as well.

Raw metal comes in to our factory and our welders work it to make the vehicle frames. On a Cinderella carriage, this step becomes an art. The metal wheels are built here as well as the axles and fifth wheels which make our vehicles strong and mobile.

The frames then go to the paint department to be painted in the client’s chosen colours. Once they have dried, the wooden parts are attached to them.

For the wood, it also comes in to our shop in a raw state and our carpenters cut and shape it into the various parts needed for assembly. Certain pieces even need to be curved. There are wooden parts on most of our models to capture that classic look. The wooden wheels are built in our shop and are then sent to another department to have them covered with rubber.

The carriages are then sent to our in house pin striper who does all his work by hand to make each design unique.

The last step in our assembly line is the upholstering and addition of tops where needed. The fibreglass seats are made by a specialist and we then upholster them in our shop. We build the tops in house. The seats and tops are then fixed on to the carriages to finish them. The end result is amazing! You can see for yourself by visiting the photo gallery in our products section.

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