Our catalog contains all the most common models of horse drawn carriages. From training carts to the highly detailed Hitch wagons, or deamy Cinderella, to the double decker Omnibus. There are numerous, more exclusive models that we dont list in here, but have a look at our Custom Creations gallery to see some of the Custom orders we've done. If you still don't see what you're looking for, be sure to contact us, we can most definitely do it.


This is our two wheeled vehicle category which includes our exercise carts, show cart, forecart, and our elegant meadowbrook.

Classic carriages

This category includes our classic carriages such as our signature Cinderella, Vis-à-vis’, Express, Surreys, utility carriages and more.

Hitch wagons

This category includes all of our award wining Hitch wagons.

People carriers

This category includes all of our people carriers from small capacity to large hauls and even our double decker Omnibus.

Buggies & wagonettes

This category includes all of our buggies and wagonettes, including our Cross Country Buggy.


This category contains all of our sleighs from one seaters to people haulers.

For ponies

This category includes our carriages that are suitable for your ponies.

For miniatures

This category includes our assortment of models for your miniature horses.

Displays & other products

We custom build carriages that are used as retail displays or for other special purposes. We also have derived products, like our wonderful standalone carriage seat.
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